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About a week ago we were called by our bud Jason Neves, Owner of Seven Customz. While many in the know will recognize his name and his work he likes to stay under the Radar and lets his work speak for itself. When his work speaks it speaks volumes. Jason is an all out customizer specializing in body modifications and air ride suspensions. The car he called about was a 2005 2l VW Beetle. I had seen the car once before at one of the Fast 5 Hook-ups that were hosted by Extreme Concepts. At the time there were just a few minor mods done to the bug. He said that some new tweaking has gone into the bug and knowing my weakness for properly slammed rides he knew I would bit. I went for it hook line and sinker. I was going to shoot the car next week but the ride was leaving his shop over the weekend. I promptly cancelled my plans for Street 2 Strip and shot through to the location early Friday evening. I know the place well because it’s a truck yard where my brother used to park his truck. I had last been there years ago and a lot has changed. And I mean a loooooot. It used to be a regular truck yard with vehicle parts strews across the area, greasy oil filled rags littered the ground and all over were little pieces of metal to snag your foot on. All of this was still there with one major change. Since I last saw the yard it has partially been turned into a lumber yard. You know what I mean. It was full of cut down trees packed in neat triangle piles all over the yard. Piles and piles of freshly cut pine laid all over and the air had that fresh scent of newly cut pine. The setting was nothing short of awesome to say the least. After chatting with Neves I started shooting. It started out being a bit to bright for the kind of shots I wanted. It did not take long for the sun to set and hit GOLDEN HOUR. The light was perfect and I made the most of the short window or near perfect light to shoot the bug in this brilliant backdrop. I have one gripe though which I only realized when I started working with the pics. Somehow during the shoot I managed to get my camera onto the 800iso setting. As a result some of the pics are a bit grainy and I have a bump on my head from repeatedly banging it against the desk. So my bad and I apologize if the pics have some noise here and there. I hope you enjoy.

The bug belongs to a Mr, M, Funeka. Let’s start off with Body work by Jason from Seven Customz. The car has one of a kind front and rear bumpers. The front indicators have been flushed off as well as the bonnet badge for that “smooth” look. The spray job you see is a two-tone in Silver and black with a sparkle.

At the rear end we see a custom made lower boot spoiler. Look at DAT STANCE!!!!!

Got that bug slammed on the Lowenhart 19″ split rims. Original and not reps. The bug is floating on a fully customized air suspension from Seven Customz. It has complete remote accessibility enabling the owner to activate and adjust the ride height by a remote control no bigger than the size of the remote of a car immobilizer. Jason is able to put this ride damn near flat on the floor and then bump it up at the push of a button.


Hows that for some serious tuck . LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!!

This car is not just eye catching from the outside. It has a pretty decent custom audio install as well. It has 2 DVD screens enclosed in custom pods. Custom speaker pods were built through-out the bug and color coded blue to match the interior. The installation is full on Sony with a 10′ and 12′ in the trunk also in a custom box build by Garth from A Customs.


All the sparkly blingy bits in the whip are products from the Isotta Crystal Range. Here we can see the gear knob and e-brake lever encrusted in stones. Also from Isotta are the Foot peddles and step sills.

Lotsa dust in hear but that’s what you get for flossing in the middle of a lumber yard. Still sweet though.

The interior is just oozing awesomness in it own right. And yes awesomness is a real word. I dare you to prove me wrong. This here interior is the handy work of Nathan. Louis Vuitton logos are embroidered into the grey leather and blue suede . The top half of the interior is done in black to match the outside of the bug.

Check that Backboard. Designer is the in thing for 2012 and blue is the new black.

The hardware for the air suspension still needs to be neatened up in the trunk. At the moment the Bottle and compressor are not completely bolted down. Jason says the car is not completely done yet so expect a follow up on this one.

In closing this is without a doubt the most incredible Bug rolling around Cape Town. This one in particular has been a labor of love for Neves. The thing with Neves is that he is not one for half measures. When he goes into a built he treats the car as if it’s his own. I will not rush a build. He would rather be open with the client and explains that doing something right takes time. Just ask any genuine builder. These types of things cannot be rushed. As they say,” all good things to those who wait”.

If you are interested in getting your custom on then hit Jason up on Facebook here. Or e-mail him at sevencustomz@gmail.com.

Peep the rest of the pics in the gallery.

Keep it Boosted.

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