Nitro Circus Ticket Giveaway


Congratulations to the following people for entering and winning tickets to Nitro Circus. We have sent emails to the winners. Just in case you see this first could you please confirm receipt thereof by replying to so we can send you your tickets.

Cape Town Winners.

Ismaeel Admas

Karlien Erasmus

JHB Winners.

Cindy Shutte

Maritza Meiring

David Torr

Congratulations once again and thank to everyone who entered.

Here we go adrenalin junkies. As promised BoostSA have a few tickets for the ever popular Nitro Circus.

Everybody that knows anything about this amazing and spectacular show is clamoring to get their hands on some tickets and they are selling out fast. BoostSA will be giving away 5 sets of double tickets to loyal supporters. That will be 3 double tickets for JHB and 2 double tickets for Cape Town.

All you need do is be a fan of the BoostSA Facebook page, share this article and then tell us why you should win tickets to this one in a lifetime event. Put your answers in the comments field below with your name  location, (JHB or Cape Town) and email address and we will run that through our magic random number generator. We only run it once and the number that pops up wins. Winners will be announced on Friday 7th February 2014

For more information on this once in a lifetime event click HERE.

So get to commenting and good luck.

NB: Only one comment allowed per entrant. Multiple comments will have the entrant disqualified.




13 Responses to “Nitro Circus Ticket Giveaway”

  1. Lizelle - Cape Town says:

    I LOVE Nitro Circus!! My friends LOVE Nitro Circus!! AND WE WOULD LOVE TO GO!!

  2. Dominique says:

    It will be an out of this world experience to see this show live.

  3. Alex Finlay says:

    I’ve been an absolute extreme sports junkie since childhood and always dreamed of seeing the nitro circus riders pulling crazy FMX stunts! Alex Finlay – Cape Town

  4. Wesley Farmer – Cape Town
    Why I should win? Because it would be nice… *batting eyelashes* … Plustens, with all these music artists concerts and sports happening at CT Stadium, this is one show I would DEFINITELY wanna go watch…

  5. Karlien says:

    Karlien Erasmus – Cape Town
    Nitro Circus!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING event! Who wouldn’t want to give an arm and leg to go? LOL This is Cape Town going to the next level.

  6. TAMSYN says:

    Tamsyn Thorne CPT-they say Don’t Try this at home but I would seriously do one of there crazy stunts to win some tickets, to see Nitro Circus the collaboration of pro action sport, mountain biking, base jumpers, motorcycles an Miss Nitro girl all performing the sickest stunts putting bodies & lives on the line all under one roof LIVE IN CPT!!!!!

  7. Ryan Barnes says:

    WHY I SHOULD WIN? Nitro Circus is the BOMB! Best all time event that i’ve been waiting to attend to. Watching Travis Pastrana (BIG FAN OF HIM) doing crazy tricks and all the other people doing there stunts thats just AMAZING I’d DEFINITELY want to attend this event. Cape Town

  8. Kishan Parsotam says:

    I so want do go to nitro circus its one epic religous journey i cant miss. I want to see travis pistrana and chad kagy as well as the rest of those crazy ass do their thing its gana be sick

  9. Duanne says:

    Cape town.

    Big motor sport Fan. followed all of there shows. would love to spend this with my younger brother.

  10. Zuan-Pierre Fortuin says:

    Zuan-Pierre Fortuin – Cape Town

    Seen it on videosbut it would just be an awesome experience to see it live!!

  11. Nina van Schalkwyk says:

    I would LOVE to go to Nitro Circus in Cape Town! It is my birthday this month and winning tickets to this event would be the ultimate gift!:) super amped!!

    Nina van Schalkwyk
    Cape Town

  12. Carla Slabolepszy says:

    Please Please, tickets to Nitro Circus would be an out of this world experience – and on my bucket list- PLEASE PLEASE MR BOOST SA

  13. Tammy Rohloff says:

    My son and I are huge motorsports and speed freaks, and this will be an opportunity next to none as a single mom, to provide my son (and myself) some never to forget entertainment.. Oh and I am in Cape Town…..

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